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We have several bid packages for you to choose from. We suggest always keeping plenty of bids on hand so you don't run out mid-auction and miss out on an incredible travel opportunity!


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Select the trip you'd like to win and Bid Now! There is no minimum number of bids required to be placed during any one auction, nor is there a limit on how many bids a user can place during any one auction.


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Winning is Easy! Make sure you have plenty of bids available in your account before the last 15 seconds of an auction to avoid being outbid. Be the last person to place a bid when the clock reaches 00:00:00, and your dream vacation is yours!


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The winner will have 48 hours to pay for the auctioned item. If the 48-hour payment period ends and no payment has been made by the winner, the runner-up bidder will be offered the auctioned item.

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